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Marseille is a very dangerous place... 30.03.2017
Montauban Marathon Monday 29.03.2017
Carcassonne and Montauban 25.03.2017
Av Igg Non 24.03.2017
Too much to do... 23.03.2017
Arrival 20.03.2017
Going to France 18.03.2017
Venetians are not blind. 18.03.2015
The Lido Shuttle 18.03.2015
David and Goliath 16.03.2015
Wifi no wifi 14.03.2015
There was a bit of a revolt 14.03.2015
They all screamed... 11.03.2015
Students got high 10.03.2015
Lost in Paris 09.03.2015
Excitement around every corner, and at every altitude. 08.03.2015
'Twas the night before Europe and all through the house 07.03.2015